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Terms And Conditions Wavo Boat Parties 2022


All Boat Parties operated by Clubbing Portofino Srls are intended for an audience above drinking age (+18)*.

Clubbing Portofino reserves the right of door selection. Guests who do not comply with age, dress code or may be harming for our unique vibes will not be able to board. There will be no eligibility for refunds.

Refunds are available in some events only**. Where possible; they must be requested no later than 48H before the beginning of the event.

Refunds must be requested through official channels.

Suspect or unsafe behaviour on board will be dealt with immediately by our security team. Given the unique circumstances, Clubbing Portofino Srls has a zero tolerance policy towards who intends to harm others or jeopardise the safety on board.

Clubbing Portofino Srls adheres to all marittime safety measures and is in close collaboration with the local Coast Guard. Guests who are requested to leave will be accompanied to the local Coast Guard office. Matters will be dealt with legally.

Clubbing Portofino Srls takes great pride in the environment it operates in and respects it in every way possible. Guests who do not comply with this philosophy will be asked to leave.

Clubbing Portofino events are based on the people, the music and the vibe. Please bring your best vibes and soul, have fun, enjoy the experience!

*Some events might have a specific age target.

**Please check the refund policy for your event.


Terms And Conditions Wavo Boat Parties 2022 – Nature, Environment and Portofino


Respect of the species, the environment and the entire Portofino Natural Reserve is the basis of Clubbing Portofino Srls.

In 2022 we have committed to net zero plastic waste. Our partners have joined us in providing a plastic-free service. Clubbing Portofino products will only be available in glass and aluminium. 

​Please be respectful of the unique environment. Any concern please contact your local Coast Guard Office/Marittime Control/Marina Control.

Please be cooperative, help us control this environment. If you see something that doesn't look right, contact your local Coast Guard Office.

In EMERGENCY ONLY contact the Coast Guard Emergency line 1530.

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